Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mani Refresh

Here is my two-day-old reverse french manicure that has a little tipwear, as you can see. 

Rather than do another manicure, I take my nail art pen (or a sharpie) and cover the tipwear.  

You can leave it at that and just put a new layer of topcoat on. Or, you could do something to change up your manicure. I put on a coat of Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Tweedy (the Fuzzy polishes from Sally Hansen are dead-on dupes of Nails, Inc., Feather, except half the price). I'm iffy about the result. I think the black and white is cool, but the bar glitter might be a little to chaotic for my taste. I do like the feather/fuzzy look when it's not being used as a topcoat, but as an opaque topcoat. Takes a while to build, though. 

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