Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nomination for Best Blog Award

I was nominated for Best Blog Award by the sweet and talented Haylee at Dry, Damnit! Thanks, Haylee! 

My 11 questions are:
  1. How did you get into nail blogging? I got into nail blogging a few years ago. I started doing my nails as a way to kick the last before-bedtime cigarette. 'cause you know what's tough to do when you've got two hands with wet lacquer on them? That's right...smoke. It turns out that manicures as a way to stop smoking is pretty effective!
  2. What is your favourite retail brand and why? Oh, this is tough. Hmmm, favorite retail brand. China Glaze is my top brand. The quality is consistently good, they have a lot of collections and variety, they don't test on animals, and the price is fair. On the inexpensive end, is Sinful Colors. The quality is very good, there's plenty of variety, they pay attention to trends, and they are inexpensive enough to be a small impulse buy they also don't test on animals) I'm also a fan of Revlon, which has been doing a lot of chunky glitters (ahem "inspired by" Deborah Lippmann polishes) (aaaand, big surprise, Revlon doesn't test on animals, either). 
  3. What is your favourite indie brand and why? I don't own any indie brands, but I will say that Lynderella makes some pretty cool polishes. 
  4. What is the best manicure you’ve ever done? I was on a water marble kick about a year ago, and I did a cream and brown one that I was really happy with. I wish I could say that I mastered the technique, but it was a total accident. 
  5. Do you have any other interests apart from nails? Of course! I love to sit in coffee shops and read. I like to go to ballet class. I like to sit in comfy pants and watch entire seasons of television with my cat, Lola. Yes, I know...very exciting. 
  6. What is your no.1 source of inspiration? My inspiration for nails probably comes from other bloggers. I learned how to do water marbles from Colette. That girl has skills. Seriously. I learned how to stamp from a tutorial. I also see inspiration in textures and color combinations I see in everyday life. I'm sure other nail polish lovers like me know exactly what I'm talking about. I'll be walking down the street and I'll see a pattern on a piece of clothing someone is wearing, or cover art on a book or whatever, and I'll think of how it could translate to nail art. 
  7. How many polishes do you own? Hmmm...not sure that's a question I want to find out the answer to. Maybe 300? 
  8. What is your favourite colour? Judging by the number of polishes, probably reds and pinks. Judging by my closet, probably black or beige. 
  9. What was the first polish you owned? Well, there was the smelly, sticky magenta polish from old formula Wet n' Wild that I bought in 8th grade. Then there was several decades where I had no polish. After that, sheer pink, then black, then red. Then my polish habit was bitten by a radioactive spider and rampaged over the entire countryside wreaking havoc and leaving behind it the faint smell of acetone.  
  10. What’s your best-kept nail secret? Photoshop. 
  11. What nail art trend do you wish you could rock? Maybe neon nails? I'm too pale for neon to look anything but ridiculous. 


  1. Your answers were so interesting! That's a really good idea about painting your nails to stop smoking. I clicked on your link through to Colette on YouTube and you are so right, how awesome is she? I also like you best-kept nail secret. I use GIMP, I wish I had the money to evolve!

    1. Well, I say photoshop, but it's really the free online ones. I like

  2. Great job! Pretty! I'm a new follower, would love if you would please follow me back on my blog:

    1. Thanks for following me! I've got you back on Bloglovin' :)


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