Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wet n' Wild LE Chrome: Stay Outta My Bismuth

I hate to say it, because I know how difficult Wet n' Wild Limited Editions can be to find, but their new Chrome collection is totally, totally cool. It's shiny, metallic, and the color is a complex combination of colored foil and gold. I'm also a sucker for the retro font on the bottle. Again, I apologize, because I know that finding a LE from Wet n' Wild is about as easy as finding a unicorn. The Chrome Collection is priced a little high for the brand and the bottle size, $3.99 for .29 fl oz. I got mine on sale, which is why I decided to buy any at all. I hope that this isn't a trend for Wet n' Wild. Part of the appeal of the brand is that it's a great impulse-buy. For me, $3.99 for a tiny, almost sample-sized bottle of drugstore nail polish doesn't quite qualify as an impulse-buy. But, that said, these are super-cool polishes, and if you see one, even if you're not a foil-girl, I say give it a shot-- the two-tone foil finish is pretty nifty, and it's one I haven't seen before. These photos are worth clicking on to enlarge, so that you can see the color variation. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wet n Wild LE Chrome: Precious Petals on Little Fingers

Here, modeling Wet n' Wild's Limited Edition Chrome color, Precious Petals, is my friend's little daughter, who is one of the sweetest 2 1/2 year olds ever! As soon as she's old enough, we're totally doing ladybug nails! I'm pretty sure I'm more excited about this than she is. :)

Anyway, I'm generally not a huge fan of foil polishes, but these are really nice. They are have a super shiny, metallic finish, and a fast dry time, which is great for little girl manis. Also cool about this polish is that it is a complex color of rose and gold. So pretty. 

Look at her cute little baby hands! <3<3 <3 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Provence: Swatch and Tape Mani

Here is another Revlon Colorstay polish, Provence. It's a springy, dusty to slightly dirty lavender. Very pretty. The formula is very good; no application issues, and this is two coats to opacity. 

Below: I added a tape design with Wet n' Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint (a dupe for China Glaze Hey Audrey). Easy-peasy. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

OPI 25 Colorful Years

I recently inherited 25 Colorful Years from my friend, Nikki, who just thinned out her polish collection. I'm so glad she gave met his one! I know what you're probably thinking, which is something like, "Really, Theresa? Really? You own yet another red? How many do you need?" First, I say, need schmeed-- this is about wanting, not needing! And then I would refer you to the pictures below to persuade you. I love this red. It's a bright, cheerful blue-red that is almost, almost, in berry-territory. That slight ambiguity makes it a more interesting color than a bright maraschino-cherry-red. The application was good: two coats for opacity. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Three Titles for One Awesome Post

Dear Theresa, 

Here is a delayed Christmas gift. 

Santa Claus


My friend just cleaned out her polish stash and totally gave me a s-ton of awesome polish. 


I am the luckiest person in Connecticut. No Kidding. I Mean, Seriously, Look at the Photos.

Above, left to right: OPI Chicago Champagne Toast, China Glaze Purple Panic (top), Unknown OPI (bottom), OPI 25 Colorful Years (top), Finger Paints Signed in Wine (bottom), OPI Princesses Rule (top), OPI Thoroughly Modern Millie (bottom), Essie Expose Your Toes, OPI Melon of Troy (top), China Glaze Side-Saddle, Finger Paints Harvest Harmony (top), OPI Chiffon (middle), OPI Couture for Sure (bottom). 

Above: Not gonna lie; pretty excited about these two. 

Thank so much, Nikki!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Destroyed Manicure in Neutrals

Short and sweet today: Here is a deconstructed manicure, similar to the punk mani I did for Valentine's Day. For this one, I used American Apparel California Trooper (beige), OPI Black Onyx, Sally Hansen Silver Sweep, and Milani White. I broke up the lacquer with a paintbrush and acetone. Topcoat is Seche Vite. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Nails for Little Hands

I went over to my cousins' house for Easter, and did manicures for their awesome little girls, my sweet little cousinlings! I did a pastel skittle base and then added polka dots with dotting tools. The polishes are: Sinful Colors Beverly Hills (purple-pink), Sinful Colors Star Fish (pink), Orly Cardigan (purple), Sinful Colors Unicorn (yellow), and Sinful Colors Olympia. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe

This polish got as much attention as any of the water marbles or other more complicated manicures I do. So many people stopped and asked to look more closely at my nails, sales clerks, waitresses, other people sitting in restaurants. It was kinda crazy! I bought this polish back in the fall and haven't worn it until now. It's now one of my favorites. It is blue and green glitter in a blue jelly base. The blue jelly subdues the glitter and keeps it it from looks garish. It is a lovely and fascinating color; it looks like a mermaid's tail, or something sunken under water. So, so pretty! The application was typical for a glitter, and totally workable, especially considering the chunkiness and density of the hexagonal pieces of glitter. It took three-four coats for opacity. I think I will try it over a navy blue layer just so it doesn't require so many coats. There was some shrinkage with this polish, another reason a plain, navy blue, cream base might be a good idea. The bottom line though, is that this polish is so pretty and so cool, it's worth it. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sinful Colors Morning Star: Swatch and Nail Art

Sinful Colors has been on a tear lately! All of a sudden they're turning out the shimmery glass flecked polishes like crazy! You'll get no complaints from me; I love them. Below is Morning Star, a light, slightly dusty blue glass-fleck with a nice formula that is opaque in two coats. I did a dot design with my dotting tools. The dark blue is Orly Star of Bombay, the white is from Milani, the green is Wet n' Wild I Need a Refresh Mint, which an almost dead-on dupe for China Glaze's Hey Audrey. 

Below: Morning Star by itself. 


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