Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall Nail Art Challenge

I came up with this fun, seven-day nail art challenge for the fall. If you have a nail blog and want to do this, too, please let me know, and I'll link you! I'm going to stretch this out over the coming weeks, but you can do them at whatever speed you want! Also, readers who don't have a blog, if you do any of these and take photos, feel free to send me pix for posting! 

Another awesome nail blog doing this challenge is I'm Obsessed With Nails


  1. Great idea. I'll start it tomorrow or Friday when I get back home from dogsitting. It'll be on my blog at

    I'll link your challenge pic and spread the word.

    1. Cool! I'll link to you on the post above and on my posts as I go through the challenge. :)

  2. aw cool! i also posted to twitter and i'm @nailxxxobsessed


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