Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Challenge: Day Three, Fall Gradient

I'm doing the Fall Challenge out of order. Day one is day three. Logical? More or less. Welcome to my brain. Really, I was just feeling the gradient more than the metallic, so I thought why be hampered with numerical order? It's my blog, and I can flout order if I so choose. Anyway, I love the way it turned out! The base polish is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Bronze Ablaze. I sponged on Wet n' Wild black with a piece of a makeup wedge. I like that the black almost looks like a variation in the color of the base polish rather than a gradient. 

Below: A lovely process photo. I use painter's tape, although many bloggers like to use scotch tape. I find that painter's tape is easier to remove. I do cuticle clean-up with a brush dipped in acetone. 

Here are the polishes I used: Wet n' Wild Black and Sally Hansen Bronze Ablaze. 

Another awesome nail blog is doing this challenge is I'm Obsessed With Nails


  1. Love that bronze! I'm doing a fall challenge too! I seriously just put up my apples post haha

  2. Those look really great together, beautifully paired!


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