Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pride Nails Pics and Tutorial!

It's Pride Week again in NYC! I'm going to celebrate from Connecticut (thought about going in, but in the end, felt like having a quiet Sunday at home) with some Rainbow Pride Nails! I will say that I don't consider this manicure a total success. The sky-blue top-color (Revlon Cloud) is a thick polish that doesn't work well for taping. It's not as neat as I would have liked. 

Rainbow Polish Colors:
Red: China Glaze Hey Sailor
Orange: Wet n' Wild 
Yellow: Sinful Colors 
Green: Sinful Colors Envy
Blue: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
Purple: Wet n' Wild Megashine 

Sky-Blue Top-color: Revlon Top Speed Cloud
Top Coat: Seche Vite
Iridescent Glitter: Pure Ice Oh Baby
Tape: blue painter's tape (but whatever you like will work)

Painting and taping
The exercising of superhuman patience

  1. Paint base-coat
  2. Paint rainbow stripes starting with purple (the darkest)
  3. One layer topcoat (if you mess up the next part, you can take off the polish with acetone without having to re-do the rainbow. This only gives you one extra chance, though, since the acetone will eat through all the coats if you apply it more than once). Let the topcoat dry thoroughly.
  4. Once the topcoat had dried thoroughly, use striping tape (or you can just cut pieces of painting, masking, or scotch tape). Put the tape on your nails in a design you like. 
  5. Apply sky-blue color over the rainbow and tapey mess. Don't let it dry before you start peeling off the tape. 
  6. Once you've removed the tape, revealing your cool rainbow stripes, let it dry. 
  7. (optional: Add one coat Seche Vite. I do because SV doesn't drag my nail art). 
  8. Add one (or two, if you're me) Pure Ice Oh Baby.
Voila! Rainbow Nails!  


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