Sunday, June 3, 2012

Orly Buried Alive Swatch and Review

Okay, first of all, let me say that I really like this polish. I love the color; it's like glass-flecked burnt-toffee, or dark, caramelized onions. It's rich and warm and interesting. The formula is somewhat gloppy, but I solved this easily with polish thinner. My larger criticism is that I'm not sure what it's doing in a spring collection. I have the same criticism for China Glaze's Hunger Games collection, which was very disappointing and just odd. All those subdued, dark, rich hues, and the dusty rose, and the flaming orange-- those suggest fall to me. I hope this isn't part of a growing trend, and in September, when I am in the mood for burnt reds and oranges, I will be presented with hyacinth-blue and lilac. However, I bought Buried Alive because it's gorgeous, and come fall, when I automatically reach for colors like this, and it's no longer easily available to buy, I'll be very happy I bought it out of season. Some of my favorite colors are in this family: OPI Holiday Glow, OPI Shim-Merry-Chic, and Sally Hansen Bronze Ablaze. In fact, these three colors are pretty hard to find (and in the case of Holiday Glow, almost impossible), so if you like these bronzy, burnished, slightly blackened colors, I recommend you get this one now, while it's easy to find. 

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