Monday, June 25, 2012

More Pride Nails

Here's another take on Pride Week Nails incorporating the rainbow flag. For this one I did a base color of American Apparel Cotton. I stamped a rainbow heart using Finger Paints Hue Rang? (purple), Sally Hansen Pacific (blue), Sinful Colors Envy (green), Spoiled Designated Driver (yellow), Wet n' Wild Sunny Side Up (orange), and China Glaze Hey Sailor (red). I like the simplicity of this design. It's a little more subdued than the one I did yesterday. Anyway, hope you enjoy, and Happy Pride Week! 


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!! Do you have a secret to stamping more than one color at a time????

    1. Thanks! It's easy to do more than one color at a time. You just paint or dot more than one color onto the stamping plate and do the rest as you normally would.

  2. So cute! I've got to try some multicolor stamping. Yay pride week!


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