Monday, June 11, 2012

American Apparel Cotton

Oh, American Apparel Cotton, you are a high maintenance little minx. Such a pain, but worth it. Cotton is a slightly dirty, off-white, cream. The color is so nice, which is odd, considering how simple it is. But the formula-- ugh! The formula is sooooo baaaaaaaad. It's such a pain. First, it goes on in streaks. Then, it gets thick quickly and won't lie flat no matter how I manipulate the brush. So why this polish? Why not go for one of the many whites and off-whites out there? Answer: I love the color and the finish. There is not even the faintest shimmer or pearliness or glass-fleck. It's the color and finish of milk. It's the nail polish equivalent of a pretty little white cotton sundress-- so sweet and simple. I regret to say it, because of the tricky application, but I think I've found my first summer polish. Right now I'm wearing it on my fingers and toes, and have worn it for FOUR days. For a nail polish hookup queen like me, that's true love right there. 

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