Monday, May 21, 2012

Blue-Purple Calla Lily Gradient Manicure

Aaaand the gradients keep coming! I was given some pretty New Zealand calla lilies (see flower photo at the bottom of the page), and was inspired to do this manicure. My gradient turned out more blueish (or blurple) than the flowers, but I like the look of both. You'll see that the colors lean purple in direct sunlight and look blue in shade. I also included some pre-cleanup photos at the bottom. 

Below: in the shade, you can see the colors look much more blue than they do in sunlight. 

Below: The New Zealand Calla Lily that inspired this manicure. You can see it's purple and the manicure looks blue by comparison-- ah well, I liked both anyway. :)

Below, the polishes I used: Finger Paints Amethyst Atelier, American Apparel Factory Grey, and Milani White. 

Below: my messy method

Below: My finger, pre-cleanup

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