Monday, April 16, 2012

Three Titles for One Awesome Post

Dear Theresa, 

Here is a delayed Christmas gift. 

Santa Claus


My friend just cleaned out her polish stash and totally gave me a s-ton of awesome polish. 


I am the luckiest person in Connecticut. No Kidding. I Mean, Seriously, Look at the Photos.

Above, left to right: OPI Chicago Champagne Toast, China Glaze Purple Panic (top), Unknown OPI (bottom), OPI 25 Colorful Years (top), Finger Paints Signed in Wine (bottom), OPI Princesses Rule (top), OPI Thoroughly Modern Millie (bottom), Essie Expose Your Toes, OPI Melon of Troy (top), China Glaze Side-Saddle, Finger Paints Harvest Harmony (top), OPI Chiffon (middle), OPI Couture for Sure (bottom). 

Above: Not gonna lie; pretty excited about these two. 

Thank so much, Nikki!!!


  1. Hello, I love reading your posts! Very unique manicure and nail-polish tutorials, you are very talented! But I have a suggestion, often times I see that you say you cannot take the fumes of the polish, and they are overpowering and almost make you sick!

    I have had this same reaction before my friend recommended natural polish by Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer! I don't see that you have made a post with this nail polish yet, so maybe you haven't discovered it yet!

    It barely has any stench, and I can do a manicure and pedicure and not get this sick light-headed feeling!
    Here's a link to their website,

    and right now they even have a share the love promo where you get freebie points to redeem for free shipping, coupons, etc!

    I hope to see some Zoya mani tutorials soon!
    Thank you for your beauty contributions

    Julia S. - California

  2. Now, that is a sweet friend thing to do. Enjoy your pretties!


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