Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sinful Colors Olympia

When I stood in the drug store, staring at the Sinful Colors Cast Away display contemplating whether there was any way I could possibly justify yet another bottle of nail polish, I thought of you, my readers, to whom I have a responsibility to report as thoroughly and accurately as possible. So, I bought a few. 

 The Cast Away collection has at couple of polishes in the mint-green family, but even I, nail polish degenerate that I am, could not justify the purchase of yet another mint-green polish; however, Olympia is a pale green creme that looks very spring-y to me. It reminds me of OPI Gargantuan Green Grape-- very fresh and understated, especially for a green. The formula was pretty good. Sometimes Sinful Colors outdoes themselves with formula, and sometimes it's just fine, whatevs. In this case, it's the latter. 

Below: Sinful Colors Olympia

Below: I've OD'd a little on mints and dusty greens this past year, and I wanted to make sure I was going into new territory with Olympia, so here is a bottle comparison. From left to right, Open Seas, Olympia, and Seaweed. As you can see, they are very different. Open Seas and Seaweed were dupes from OPI's Pirates of the Carribean collection, which  I loved-- I'm all about shabby chic and dusty colors, but honestly, I need another mint-green polish only slightly more than I need a hole in the head. 

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