Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Revlon Grey Suede Swatch and Nail Art

I must have stood in the store staring at this polish for a good twenty minutes. I couldn't decide whether or not to buy it. I kept picking it up and putting it back. I was drawn to it, but it just looked boring. In the end, I decided to buy it. After all, to bastardize Quentin Tarentino, I subscribe to the notion that "It's better to have a polish and not need it than need a polish and not have it." Of course, Quentin was talking about guns, but potato-potAHto. 

Anyway, when I got it home and put it on, I realized that Quentin and I were correct. This is a great color for two reasons. One: It's a little rosier than a straight nude (pay no attention to the name. I have no idea why they called it Grey Suede.  It is neither grey nor is the finish sueded. It might as well be called Green Trumpets for all the relevance the name has to the color). I think especially for girls with fair skin like mine, this is a pretty neutral. It also has a very subtle shimmer, which distinguishes it from a cream. Two: If you polish your nails all the time like I do, you probably have some staining. Of course, it's not the end of the world, and it's certainly not a problem you can't remedy, but this polish is a great neutral is you want a few days off of Colors. The formula was good. I haven't had any issues with Revlon formula since last winter's Lilac Pastelle fiasco (Bubbling. Yowsa. Like giving myself a manicure with Sprite.). This was a two to three coater, no bubbles, no streaking. 

Below: I added a heart using dotting tools.

Dotting Colors: American Apparel California Trooper, Sinful Colors Star Fish, OPI You Don't Know Jacques, Revlon Starry Pink. 

P.S. And also, I wanted to share my Valentine's Day flowers! And no, there's no romance behind it, just a friend being sweet. :) If you're curious, it's blue-purple hydrangea. 

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