Saturday, February 18, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Calla Lily Swatches and Review

I like Revlon Calla Lily with some caveats. What I like: the color, the formula, and the new bottle shape. Calla Lily is a milky glaze with a subtle gold shimmer (it's worth it to click on the photos to see up close). By itself, it is quite sheer, so although I think it's wearable that way, I've photographed it in different ways to show you its possibilities as  layering polish. I think the bottle design is much more attractive than the A-line shape of the standard bottle.  
What I don't like: the brush and the price. The first thing: the brush. It's very thick, wide, and spatulate. Wielding it was very awkward, like applying polish with a putty knife. The second thing I don't like: the price. I think drugstore polishes should try to avoid price points above $6.00 I bought these at Wal-Mart, so they were less, but everywhere else they were $7.00 and up, which I am unwilling to pay for a Revlon. Unless it's a magical Revlon that will, like, fill my bank account with jewels and a golden egg- laying goose, and also will cure all the ills of the world (or at least of Fairfield Country). Short of that, I can't really get behind an eight dollar drugstore polish. It seems antithetical to the purpose of drugstore polish, which is to be inexpensive enough that you can regard it as a little treat for yourself, like a candy bar that doesn't make you fat. 

Below from top to bottom: Calla Lily over China Glaze First Mate. Ring and Pinky have two coats of Calla Lily over a basecoat. 

Below: Calla Lily over Wet n' Wild French White Creme. Calla Lily adds some finish to a plain white manicure. 

As you see, the gold shimmer adds a little interest to a plain white manicure. 

Below: Glitter Sandwich with Calla Lily and Spoiled Jewelry Heist. 

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