Thursday, February 16, 2012

Part Two: Achieving Bottle Color With Pure Ice Rio

So, a while ago, I did a post on how to achieve bottle color with Pure Ice Rio, a polish that looks super-saturated in the bottle but is more like a very sheer, lightly tinted glaze on the nail. In my original post, I found that the best match for a base color for Rio was OPI Extravagance, which is a Design Series polish. This means that it retails for $12.50 a bottle. I have a glitch in my brain that doesn't allow me to layer a thin, syrupy polish over a gorgeous banquet of easy opacity and depth all to achieve bottle color of the former. It would be like putting a sweatshirt over a ball gown. Then, I though that since Rio only needs an opaque color underneath; it doesn't need help with shimmer or facets of color, so I used a plain, lavender creme. It worked nicely. See the results below. 

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