Thursday, February 23, 2012

Funky French Manicure With Revlon Color Stay in Pale Cashmere

Pale Cashmere is one long-lasting polish. I was surprised. I am hard on my manicures. I change them so often that I don't bother babying them to try to make them last. I always wear my polish with a basecoat and Seche Vite, and even with that, my polish usually chips within a day or so. This still looked almost perfect after three days. Note: it's very unusual for me to wear a polish that long, but I didn't see the point in taking this off, since it still looked like a fresh manicure. I added the french tips partly to cover the very slight tipwear, but mostly to satisfy my polish ADD. A few days ago, I reviewed another Color Stay, Calla Lily, and although I liked the color, I was underwhelmed by the polish and the brush. I had a totally different experience with Pale Cashmere-- I'd say that it would be particularly good for those who like their polish to last.  *Note: don't forget to enter my giveaway! The link is in the upper right corner.

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