Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Part One: Achieving Bottle Color With Pure Ice Rio

I really want to like Pure Ice polishes-- they don't test on animals, they're inexpensive, they've got a lot of bright, shimmery colors-- but I have to say, I've found them problematic in terms of achieving bottle color in a reasonable amount of coats. By reasonable, I mean three or fewer. I was in a store looking for the elusive Revlon Whimsical (which I didn't find), when I was ambushed by a rack of Pure Ice. Despite my past experience with the brand, I decided to give it a try. Once home, I applied five coats and still wasn't close to bottle color. Now, I don't love layering polishes, but I considered this a challenge. 

1. Below: My bottle of Pure Ice Rio. Look at how pretty it is. I'm sure you can see how I was taken in!  And just FYI, my camera isn't doing this justice. It's a deeply saturated fuchsia with purple undertones and shimmer. 

2. Below: Three coats of Rio. Boooo. 

3. Below: I decided to layer Rio over a more opaque polish, which I have swatched below before adding the Pure Ice. From the left, OPI Miami Beet, Sinful Colors Feeling Great, OPI Extravagance, and China Glaze Gamer Glam. Miami Beet is a fuchsia creme; the photo isn't showing the color accurately. Look at this one. 

4. Below: The same polishes with two coats of Rio added. 

5. Below: The two best matches were OPI Extravagance and China Glaze Gamer Glam. I think the OPI  is almost a dead-on match for Rio's bottle color. 


  1. lol - can you imagine the marketing? buy our lovely looking polish - free if you shell out for an OPI HTF ! lol I have this one too, and i think it may now go in my "adoption" pile. Thanks xxx

  2. Yeah, I think that might just be my last Pure Ice polish. :(


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