Monday, October 31, 2011

Autumn Water Marble

I haven't done a water marble in ages, I forgot how cool they are! I would like to make them a little more uniform, but one of the cool things about water marbles is the way each nail comes out differently. For this, I used Finger Paints Cordur-Orange, Sinful Colors Black on Black, China Glaze Ichabody, and American Apparel California Trooper. Tip: I discovered that warming the water very slightly helps to keep the polish malleable for a little longer. 

Below: please excuse the messy cuticles on my left hand; the orange polish did not want to come off.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gilded Fall Gradient

This manicure was an experiment. I think it could be cool, but it's not there yet. I used a base coat of Finger Paints Cordur-Orange. On top of that, I did one coat of Wet 'n Wild 90210range. The gradient is a base of Finger Paints Catwalk Queen with China Glaze 2030. 

Below is Finger Paints Cordur-Orange by itself. As you can see, it looks more red on the nail than it does in the bottle. I was a bit disappointed, since I do prefer the bottle color. On the upside, the formula was thick, it is almost a one-coater, and it very good for stamping. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Best Ruby Red Slippers Impression

I like Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers, but I find the price tag a little hard to justify, so I passed on it. But is so pretty. Enticingly pretty. So I was pleased when other companies started coming out with budget versions. There's Wet n' Wild Behind Closed doors, NYX Dorothy, and Essence just came out with dupes of RRS and Across the Universe. The problem? I can't find them. Any of them. I did look online, but I'd like to find at least one drug store that consistently carries Wet n' Wild limited edition polishes. In the past month, I've looked in probably thirty different drug stores and found one lonely little bottle of Jungle Fever. I did find a few remainders from old collections. I found a few from last spring's Bloom collection, and a few from last Christmas. I was looking forlornly at the dusty little cardboard display of glitters named after reindeer, and in particular, at Prancer, which is a red glitter in a clear base, when it occurred to me that I could approximate RRS. The glitter has small, round pieces and large, hexagonal pieces, which is consistent with RRS and her sisters. I walked out of that drugstore happy. 

I liked the result of this! The sunlight really fired up the red glitter polish. (I did not photoshop the bursts of light in this. I thought it was pretty impressive!) Anyway, I think it answers my question about sunlight vs. artificial light; there really is no contest. I was satisfied with this Faux Lippmann. It's not a true dupe, but it was close enough for me. 

Now, my quest for Essence's Blue Addicted begins. :) 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Leaves

So, I was experimenting with light, because I'd like to be able to take photos at times other than on clear days, which are often hard to come by here in New England. I took these photos, which I think are all right, but the second one looks distinctly soft-focused--  I promise, I didn't doctor the photos, especially for such a Joan Collins-y effect! Cheesy! 

Anyway, for this one, I used American Apparel California Trooper for the base. For the stamp, I used Finger paints Cordur-Orange (which is excellent for stamping) with BM plate 204. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thimbleberry Reverse French Manicure

Here is a reverse french manicure with Sinful Colors Thimbleberry. This color changes quite a lot between daylight and artificial light. In daylight, it is an orange-leaning coral. In artificial light, it is barely looks coral and looks more pink. Here is my review of Thimbleberry with pics in natural light. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Argyle Nails

I think I've crossed a threshold with nail stamping. I can finally do an argyle pattern that doesn't look terrible. And more-- I can do an argyle pattern with my non-dominant hand that doesn't look terrible! I'm so pleased! I've been wanting to use this pattern since I got the plate a year ago, and I tried quite a few times, but the resulting manicures were unwearable. Seriously, it looked like I'd done my nails in the dark, with my feet instead of my hands.  

Anyway, so here is the argyle manicure. Think golf. Think socks. Think of some Scottish dude with a really old-school name. 

Background color: Barielle Aura Angora
Stamp color: Essie Little Brown Dress
Stamp: Konad M60
Topcoat: Seche Vite


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