Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Reunion Manicures :)

I went to the family reunion, brought my supplies and gave manicures to anyone who wanted one. They  picked their own designs and colors and I applied them. Of course, I took pics! 

Below: Lena's Dice Manicure: These teeny fingers belong to my little cousin, Lena. The design and the non-toxic nail polish is by Klutz-Proof. By the way, it's a great product for little kids. It peels off easily and has a book of cute designs. 

These other teeny, tiny fingers belong to Lena's sister, Violet. This is Violet's dots manicure. 

Lena's Yin-Yang Manicure: again, the design and the polish are by Klutz-Proof. 

And this is Violet's matching Yin-Yang manicure!

And here they are together! :)

Lily's Lava Manicure: Lily wanted to try crackle polish, so I brought her China Glaze's Black Mesh, which she wore over China glaze Ruby Deer. Top coat is Seche Vite.

Christina's Manicure: Christina's nails were a little torn up from acrylic nails, so I didn't do any shaping or anything but add polish. Base coat is Seche Rebuild. The pink is Sinful Colors Feeling Great. I used dotting tools to add dots of Sinful Colors Black on Black, Snow Me White, and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. Topcoat is Seche Vite. 

Liv's Manicure: This one was so simple. Just three coats of Claire's Bedazzled. I thought it was cute with her ring. 

Aunt Angel's manicure: OPI Sparrow Me the Drama for the background. I stamped a butterfly with Sinful Colors Feeling Great, and a paint splotch with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

American Apparel MacArthur Park

My friend described MacArthur Park as being the color of split pea soup. I can't argue with that assessment, but I like it. I think this is an excellent color for fall. By itself, I think it is one of those ugly-pretty colors and would be especially cool as part of a design with dotting or stamping. The formula and application: MP is almost a one-coater. I used two-coats here with no topcoat. The polish itself has a nice consistency and good opacity, but the brush is a bit skinny and doesn't fan out well, which makes application a bit tricky. I've said it before: American Apparel has a cool bottle design, colors, and good formula, but the brush is poorly designed. It's workable with patience, and in the end, the colors are worth it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sinful Colors Thimbleberry

I had never heard of a thimbleberry before seeing this polish, which is a little surprising to me considering they grow here in New England. Also, it looks like the much more familiar  raspberry or a blackberry. I Googled it because I wanted to see how aptly it was named. Take a look at this photo-- I think it's a good match! I'm generally not a huge fan of corals-- but I did like this one. It's an odd color, and it changes a lot depending on the light. In the first photo, in natural light, it is a vibrant coral-orange (corange?). In the flash photo, it's more on the salmon-pink side. The formula for this was pretty good. It needed three coats for opacity. I think this is a nice, warm color for the transitional period between the end of summer and the beginning of fall. 


Monday, August 15, 2011

Sinful Colors Feeling Great

This polish turned out to be one of my favorites this summer. It's a raspberry almost-but-not-quite neon creme called Feeling Great from Sinful Colors. It's a two-coater (almost a one-coater) and applys beautifully. It's a pretty dynamic color for a creme; I included a photo with a flash, which I usually try to avoid, as well as a photo with natural light, because I wanted to show the range of the color. Both are accurate depending on the lighting. It's a pretty, bright little polish with the bonus of a low price point-- definitely one of my current favorites. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Orly Lollipop

Orly Lollipop is a pretty lavender-pink creme. The formula is very nice, and it only needs two coats for opacity. The color is a little more vibrant IRL. In the photo it looks like a relative of OPI's Steady As She Rose, which is a shabby-pretty greyed-out pink. Lollipop is more like SASR's brighter, more prim cousin. Same family, different vibe. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tin Roof's First Day of Fall Giveaway!!!

Now Closed.

Tin Roof Nails is having its first giveaway to celebrate a few months of blogging and to thank my awesome followers for reading! New followers are welcome to enter to win! :)

What I have for you are three of my favorite polishes. First, the ladylike and demure sparkler Glass Slipper, by Sinful Colors. Second, the raspberry almost-but-not-quite neon creme, Feeling Great, also from Sinful Colors. Both are two-coaters and apply beautifully. I am also including my all-time favorite red, Essie's Really Red, or as I call it, Pin-Up Girl Red.  Note the beauty shot in the corner-- you've got to see it to appreciate it. :) I am also including a package of Kiss Nail Art stickers-- I especially like the black ones-- they remind me of some of the swirly Konad plates (bonus: they're much faster to apply and there is far less to clean up).

And, ahem, in case you missed it, here's the beauty shot again. I just love this color, so effing retro and cool. Feast your eyes:

One caveat: I regret that because of limitations of budget, I've got to limit this giveaway to the US. I'm sorry, I know it's lame. If I ever become a rich and powerful blogger and/or host giveaways for companies, I will open it up to farther-flung places. My apologies, wider world; I certainly do not love you less. 

Anyway, this giveaway is open to my Tin Roof followers, so join up and throw your hat in the ring to win this awesome package of nail joy! Just leave your name and email address below in the form below. Giveaway closes on the first day of autumn, September 23rd! The winner will be chosen using Good luck, everybody! :)

*Note: all products included in the giveaway were purchased by me.  

Mod Mermaid and Mermaid's Booty Manicures

I've gone crazy with my new dotting tools. I love them! I've been wanting to do another mermaid manicure for a while (it's my inner 8 year old), so I did one and the last photo shows a variation on it. For both manicures: I used Seche Rebuild as the base coat. The background is Wet 'n Wild Blue Wants to be a Millionaire (the blue counterpart of Hanna Pinktana. Ugh. Those names are killing me, but the polishes are great and very inexpensive).

Mod Mermaid: The dots are four polishes: Jesse's Girl Glee (pictured below) an iridescent blue-green--  gorgeous! What I imagine the color of  a mermaid's tail would be. Jesse's girl Confetti, an iridescent purple with blue. Wet 'n Wild Blue Moon, sheer navy blue with a shimmer, and Sally Hansen Celeb City* (silver).

Mermaid's Booty: Forgive the dumb name-- it was too easy. For this one, I used two types of Milani one-coat glitters to make coins. The background, once again, is Wet 'n Wild Blue Wants to be a Millionaire. The "coins" are Milani Gold Glitz, Milani Silver Dazzle, and Sally Hansen Celeb City*.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hanna Pinktana Crackle

Nope, I'm not sick of crackles yet. This is China Glaze Black Mesh over Wet n' Wild Hanna Pinktana. I usually keep away from the dark colors during the summer, but as you can see from the light in the photo, it was a grey day, and so I didn't mind adding a little dark color. I've had Black Mesh since last winter, and I've noticed that is is aging exactly the way matte polishes do. It is drying and caking quickly. I revived my crackle with polish thinner (I use Orly), which turned it from black paste back to usable nail polish again very quickly.

* Tip: don't use nail polish remover as polish thinner. They are not interchangeable. Also note that you will not use a lot of polish thinner to restore your nail polish, so a bottle will last you a while. Point of reference: I used ten or fewer drops for the one bottle of crackle (I wasn't counting, but I know it wasn't more than that). 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mod Dots

 I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I can't. I saw it on Very Emily.  I love the nail art, and her photos are amazing. Anyway, seeing this manicure prompted me to order dotting tools, but I was  impatient to try this manicure, so I took a sewing pin with a ball on the tip, stuck it into the eraser on the end of a pencil. Just as a note, that impromptu dotting tool worked like a champ. I totally recommend it. If you've been hesitating to try nail art, I'd say this is a great manicure to start with. It's easy and it doesn't have to be perfect, which is especially convenient if you're not too confident yet with your non-dominant hand. 

The base polish is American Apparel California Trooper. The light green dots are American Apparel MacArthur Park; the darker green dots are American Apparel Army Jacket; the white dots are Wet n' Wild French White Creme. 

*Note: I purchased all polishes.

American Apparel California Trooper

California Trooper is a light khaki creme. I hesitated for a moment before I bought it because I have comparable neutrals in my collection (light gray, light greige, pale pink). I ended up being really happy I got this: it's a great color on its own, and it's a very useful polish for nail art (especially as a backdrop). Another feature of this polish I really like is the packaging. The bottle shape and size, the font of the letters-- it's just a really nice presentation. The polish was a bit tricky to apply, and I'm not sure if that was the fault of the brush (which was a bit skinny) or the formula. In either case, it was not a deal-breaker for me, it just means that a good application will require a little extra effort. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Three by American Apparel

So, I went into the city yesterday to meet a friend for dinner. I had a few places to check out to buy polish. I was so excited-- it really was ridiculous. It was a beautiful day in the city! I met my friend in Byrant Park, and he, secure in his masculinity, agreed to go nail polish shopping with me before dinner. :) Anyway, one place was out of business, and the other had a sad little selection of Color Club. Boooo!  Next time I go in, I'll have more than two places on my list. But anyway, the day was not lost, because across the street (5th Avenue) there was an American Apparel and I remembered that they have nail polish AND they don't test on animals. I bought three polishes and I can't wait to try them. Here they are from left to right, California Trooper, MacArthur Park, and Army Jacket. I will do full manicures with them at some point, but I have swatched them below. Those are two coats with no topcoat. 

My friend compared MacArthur Park to "split pea soup." I can't argue with him, but where he sees lunch, I see a cool mod color (also stamping and dotting possibilities). Nail polish, once again, as a Rorschach test. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

H&M Dazzling Jade

Here is H&M's Dazzling Jade. I think it's more of a teal, but potato-potahto. Either way, this is a gorgeous polish. As a rule, I do not like teal, but I can no longer say that, because this polish is awesome. It is a creme-jelly (crelly?). It's very easy to manipulate and is opaque in two coats. This polish was the one I used for the base in my Blue Splatter manicure, but it was so pretty I had to wear it on its own. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I'll mention it again here: H&M does not test on animals, so for those who prefer to buy cruelty-free brands, you can add H&M to your list. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blue Splatter or the Epic Stinkin' Mess

First: props to Jackson Pollock for splatter being his go-to technique. Words cannot express how unprepared I was for the epic that was this manicure. My first effort, which I posted the other day, was cake compared to this. The tricky thing about splatter manis is that you have to be fast. The first reason is that the nail polish gets thicker the longer it is exposed to the air, and therefore, becomes more difficult to fling at your hands. The second reason is that even in a well-ventilated room the fumes of the nail polish become over-powering. I started to get sick to my stomach doing this mani. I switched over to watercolors at the end because I couldn't stand the fumes. I have some more tinkering to do before I feel I've found a quick, reliable method of doing this. 

Note about the polishes: I used three H&M polishes. For the splatter I used White and Blue. For the base I used Dazzling Jade. I bought White and Blue as part of Spring Nails, a set of four (white, blue, tan, and brown). I'd never used H&M polishes before, and I was very happy with them. Dazzling Jade is a beautiful teal creme. The great thing about H&M is that they do not test on animals!!! I am always so happy when I find another company whose polish I can buy :) 

On to the splatter! As you can see, I taped my fingers to make clean-up a little easier. Here is a photo of the mess!

Here is the finished manicure:


I added this last photo even though the light and focus are not great, because I wanted to show the difference between using nail polish and using watercolors. My four fingers are done entirely in nail polish. The basecolor on my thumb is nail polish, but the blue and white splatter is watercolor (tubes, not cakes). I switched over because the fumes from the polish were too much for me to take. 
Advantage water color: 1. you can rinse the paint off of your hands easily, so if you aren't happy with one effort, you can try again until you are. 2. cleanup is easy. 3. no fumes. 
Advantage nail polish: 1. the polish splatters more than water colors (which sort of mists rather than splatters). 2. Chemical safety? I was unable to find out if it was safe or not to use watercolors and nail polish together, so I just did it anyway and hoped that nothing horrible or disfiguring would happen. It didn't in this instance. The advantage to using nail polish is that it is a known quantity. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Splatter for KTisaQT!

So, a few weeks ago, I used stamping plates to do a "splatter" manicure. One of my readers requested that I do a splatter without stamping plates, so here it is! :D It wasn't nearly as messy as I thought it would be! 

I only did two fingers here because I wasn't crazy about the colors-- I was more interested in getting the technique down (It's funny to think that there is a "technique" to flinging paint at your fingernails).  I'm going to do a full splatter manicure and I can offer a kind of mini-tutorial, if that would be helpful to people. It's really not as hard as I thought! 

I used inexpensive polishes across the board here, mainly because I wasn't sure how much product I was going to go through to figure it out, and I wanted to use easily replaceable stuff. I was happy to discover that I did not use an exorbitant amount of polish-- far less than, say, a water marble. The base color is Sinful Colors Feeling Great. FG is a bright, almost neon raspberry creme. It is a two coater (almost a one-coater). Good formula. It's one of my current favorites. Who knew-- last summer it was all about turquoise, and now I can't seem to get enough of the fuchsia family. Anyway, the splatter colors are NYC Taxi (yellow), Wet n' Wild Sunny Side (orange), and Sinful Colors Black on Black. Top coat is Seche Vite. 


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