Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter Manicure With Ulta Mint Condition

I saw this color in Ulta and immediately thought it would be pretty for a cool-toned winter manicure. A couple of things about the base polish, Ulta's Mint Condition: the first thing is that this polish is nice--  the formula, the application, and the finish. I had no cleanup for this manicure, not even on my dominant hand. Now THAT'S a good formula. One minor bummer: the color is a little different against my skin than it was in the bottle. The color appears less dusty, more defined, which is too bad because the bottle color was so cool. It looked like one of those odd-pretty industrial colors from the 60s. 

My Winter Manicure

Base Color: Ulta Mint Condition
Dotting Colors: Wet n' Wild French Creme, Sally Hansen Celeb City, Ulta Bam-blue-zeled.  

Above: Ulta Mint Condition in natural light

Above: Ulta Mint Condition with flash

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