Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winter Manicure with China Glaze Sea Spray

Merry Christmas Eve! Please forgive the state of my cuticles-- I've been working at a flower shop (as I do during the holidays) and it's great but it trashes my hands. Anyway, here is a cool-toned winter manicure with China Glaze sea spray and bundle monster stamp m70.  Sea Spray is a pretty, gray-blue with a subtle shimmer. Very pretty! 


  1. I love Sea Spray. I have only seen it swatched a few times, but I think I need it! lol. I definitely don't have anything else like it in my stash.

  2. Hi Sarah! Yes, it's really pretty. It's more interesting than a simple greyed out blue. I didn't comment on this above, but the formula is good, too.


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