Friday, December 2, 2011

Revlon Starry Pink

I bought this polish a month or so ago, and didn't wear it until yesterday-- I wanted a palette-cleanser from the fall and Christmas colors. Starry Pink is a great polish! I was not expecting to like it as much as I do, maybe because it is a light pink, which tends to be not only subdued, but also well-covered territory. Credit must be given to Deborah Lippmann for the much-imitated look of semi-sheer polishes that contain small and large pieces of glitter. I like that the glitter is used to add dimension to the polish and doesn't turn the sparkle into the focal point. I'm glad that other brands have picked up this trend. 

SP has a semi-sheer pale-pink cream base that contains small, round pieces and larger, hexagonal pieces of glitter. The glitter makes the polish interesting, and the fact that it is layered in the polish tones down the sparkle, and keeps it pretty, feminine, and subtle. I keep looking at my hands, which I am not often inspired to do when wearing a pale pink polish. In my experience, Revlon formulas are hit-or-miss. I'm happy to say the formula for SP is very good and easy to work with. SP is a limited release from Revlon (I think it was only available at Target, but I think I've seen it elsewhere). 

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