Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LA Colors Lush Lavender

Dear Inexpensive Makeup Emporium in the Nyack Mall, 

You're awesome. You have LA Colors and LA Girl, neither of which test on animals, and both of which are inexpensive and of good quality. Merry Christmas to me! 

Tin Roof Nails

I think the name of this polish is not quite representative of the actual color. This is a pale, silver frosted polish with a very slight inclination toward lilac. To me, lush lavender looks more like this. Anyway, the formula is nice, if somewhat sheer even after several coats. If visible nail line bothers you, you should steer clear of this polish. I think a faint visible nail line can look nice under frosty polishes like this. Although the color nor the finish break any new ground, I think this is subtle and pretty, and will be nice in the winter months. 

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