Friday, December 9, 2011

China Glaze Twinkle Lights

I love this polish. It's funny that I do because in general, I'm not much of a glitter girl. But look at it. I mean, seriously. It is so shiny and sparkly and unabashedly festive, and I have to give it some props for that. I wore this polish on its own on my middle and pinky fingers, and layered it over China Glaze 847 (I swear, I'm not shilling for the brand, here!) on my pointer and ring fingers. I did this because it does require quite a few coats to build to opacity. I thought that if I wore a base of gold that I could reduce the number of layers of Twinkle Lights.

 Ultimately, I preferred the look of Twinkle Lights by itself. I found that with or without the gold underlayer, it took a bajillion coats for opacity. A bajillion minus one is still a lot of coats, so I figure it's better to go for the prettiest effect. By a bajillion, by the way, I mean more than three. I like the way this polish looks when it's totally opaque, so it might be that I'm using more than someone else would.

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