Sunday, November 27, 2011

Three from Wet n' Wild Color Icon

If you love glitter, you will love, love, love, the Color Icon polishes from Wet n' Wild. 

It's All In the Cut is a  two-tone glitter. The base is clear with fine, lavender glitter. There is a smaller amount of slightly larger round glitter in a color I can best describe as electric peach. 

Rockin' Rubies is another two-tone glitter in a clear base. The smaller pieces of glitter are red and the larger are almost a salmon color. The over-all effect is interesting. With a topcoat, it's very sparkly. Without a topcoat, it has a finish reminiscent of sugared fruit. Very pretty. 

24 Carats looks like a pimped-out shag carpet. It is copper and gold bar glitter in a clear base. This is probably one of the most interesting polishes I've ever seen, and I don't mean to use the word "interesting" with a patronizing snarl; it is actually a fascinating polish to look at. The direction of the brush-stokes seems to "comb" the bar glitter as the polish is applied. If it weren't for the super-sparkliness of the glitter, this matted look might remind me too much of a strip of freshly-vacuumed carpet or of a cross-section of particle-board. 

I've seen some other reviews of the Color Icon polishes that have been critical of the formula. I had no problems. They needed three coats to build, but I think that is reasonable for a glitter. The bottom line: if you love glitter, you will love these. If you are a fan of OPI's Muppets collection, you should seek out the Color Icon polishes, especially It's All in the Cut and 24 Carats, both of which would be at home in that collection. 


  1. Love It's All in the Cut, and Rockin Rubbies! Another bonus is that these polishes are also on the cheaper side!! Defs checking out!!

  2. They are pretty. I'm glad that Wet n' Wild has been putting out some interesting polishes and dupes lately. :)


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