Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Silver Filigree

For this manicure I used Revlon Top Speed in Emerald (a dupe for this is Sinful Colors Envy). For the stamp I used Sally Hansen InstaDri in Silver Sweep with Bundle Monster stamp 206. This manicure is pretty, but it's also pretty Christmassy. I mean, reeeeaaaally Christmassy. Like, santa-sweater Christmassy. Electric Lawn Creche Christmassy. These nails say Merry Friggin' Christmas long before your mouth does. It's a little cheesy is what I'm getting at. I've decided I'm okay with that. :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Layering with China Glaze Snow Globe

I sat on the fence about getting China Glaze Snow Globe since I'm generally not a huge fan of glitters or of layering. I admit, I didn't sit on the fence for long. I more paused while hurdling it. Anyway, once again, I have found that my polish preferences are not set in stone. I might be into this polish because it's so different from the creams and crellys that have dominated my polish choices this fall. It's sparkly and pretty and looks like icy glaze. In the photos above, I've layered it with other polishes: China Glaze First Mate, Sea Spray, and Orly Winter Wonderland, which is my as-yet uncontested favorite winter polish. On my pinky is three coats of Snow Globe by itself. Please excuse my lovely stained nails-- it's the price of being a polish fanatic. The formula of SG is good. The glitter is a bit sparse, but works nicely as a layering polish or on its own as a simple, pretty manicure.  

The Winner Is...

The winner of the Slaying the Lemming Giveaway is Crystal!*
Thanks to everyone for reading my blog and for throwing your hat in the ring for Behind Closed Doors. I've got another giveaway coming up, so look out for that. 

*The winner was selected using 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Three from Wet n' Wild Color Icon

If you love glitter, you will love, love, love, the Color Icon polishes from Wet n' Wild. 

It's All In the Cut is a  two-tone glitter. The base is clear with fine, lavender glitter. There is a smaller amount of slightly larger round glitter in a color I can best describe as electric peach. 

Rockin' Rubies is another two-tone glitter in a clear base. The smaller pieces of glitter are red and the larger are almost a salmon color. The over-all effect is interesting. With a topcoat, it's very sparkly. Without a topcoat, it has a finish reminiscent of sugared fruit. Very pretty. 

24 Carats looks like a pimped-out shag carpet. It is copper and gold bar glitter in a clear base. This is probably one of the most interesting polishes I've ever seen, and I don't mean to use the word "interesting" with a patronizing snarl; it is actually a fascinating polish to look at. The direction of the brush-stokes seems to "comb" the bar glitter as the polish is applied. If it weren't for the super-sparkliness of the glitter, this matted look might remind me too much of a strip of freshly-vacuumed carpet or of a cross-section of particle-board. 

I've seen some other reviews of the Color Icon polishes that have been critical of the formula. I had no problems. They needed three coats to build, but I think that is reasonable for a glitter. The bottom line: if you love glitter, you will love these. If you are a fan of OPI's Muppets collection, you should seek out the Color Icon polishes, especially It's All in the Cut and 24 Carats, both of which would be at home in that collection. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

China Glaze Sugar Plums

This is China Glaze Sugar Plums from last year's Christmas collection. It is a pretty, wine-colored polish with a fine, subtle glitter. The application and coverage is good; my one caveat with this polish is that it needs a good, thick, topcoat (like Seche Vite). Without it, it has a dull finish that is slightly gritty from the glitter. That said, those problems are easily solved with a topcoat (which I would use anyway). This is a nice twist on a holiday burgundy polish. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OPI Rising Star

This polish is from OPI's Burlesque collection from last winter. This came as part of Little Teasers, a set of mini bottles. I honestly can't decide how I feel about this polish. It's not so much pretty as it is eye-catching. It's warmer than gold, but not quite copper. Like caramel-bronze-honey-gold, which I must admit, sounds stunning. But while I do think it's an appropriate color for the trifecta of holidays, I also find it a bit odd. Anyway, regardless of the color and my inability to decide if I like it or not, I can say that the formula of RS is excellent, and like many metallic polishes, the dry-time is short. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bull's Eye Mani

I've been on kick for the last few weeks of super-short nails with bright colors and crazy patterns. I like that there is something casual about short nails that seems to balance the effort and care it takes to do a manicure that is conspicuous in color or patterns. Anyway, the first day, I wore it as it is pictured in the first pic below. On the second day, I added the red french tips. 

Base polish: American Apparel California Trooper
Stamping Polish: Sinful Colors Black on Black
French Tip: China Glaze Poinsettia
Bundle Monster Plate 206

Note: California Trooper has ended up being a really useful polish. It's very nice on its own, but it's also nice as a neutral background for stamping.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Slaying the Lemming Giveaway: Behind Closed Doors

*Source for Lemming photo.  


Okay, so I know that Behind Closed Doors is from Wet n' Wild's Fall Collection, and we're past that and on to the holidays now, but I think an exception should be made in the case of this hard-to-find polish. I was in a Rite Aid yesterday looking for the Color Icon polish (which they didn't have), and I came face-to-face with about half of the On the Prowl Collection.  I couldn't believe it. Seriously. It was like spotting a yeti. I was actually almost annoyed because I had been dying for this collection for months and couldn't find it anywhere! I won't even tell you how many stores I checked, but I will say that I searched for it with a singleminded devotion that is usually limited to UFO nuts and Justin Beiber fans. I   had no luck until yesterday. Anyway, I grabbed the two bottles of Behind Closed Doors, one for me, and one for a lucky Tin Roof Nails follower who has been longing for her very own bottle but hasn't been able to find one. :) New followers are welcome to enter this giveaway!  This giveaway is open to TRN followers in the US and Canada. To enter, fill out the entry below. The drawing will close on Sunday, November 27th. If the winner doesn't contact me within 48 hours, I will select an alternate winner. Good luck! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Guest Blogger: Nikki

My friend, Nikki, has a manicure for you today. She used Essie Mint Candy Apple as the base, with Wet n' Wild Black Creme with Bundle Monster plate 14. I think this design is so simple and so cute! Thanks, Nik! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Orly Fowl Play

Dear Orly Fowl Play, 

I love you. You are beautiful. In the immortal words of Frank Black (via Dave Lovering), La-la-love you, don't mean maybe. :)

Tin Roof Nails

Okay, so if you want to know something about this polish other than that I think it's cool enough to deserve a Pixies serenade, then I'll elaborate: this is a dupe or near-dupe of OPI's Merry Midnight. I don't own MM, but there are plenty of good comparisons out there, which a Google search would quickly yield. FP has a good formula, and needs two or three coats for opacity (I used three coats for the photos). There is blue glitter that is clearly visible in the bottle, but unfortunately, almost not at all on the nail. I like this one because it's what I think of as a deep fall color-- it's not firey like the reds and oranges and burnt colors of September and October-- wines, burgundies, those are the colors I think of for this time of year. Anyway, what's cool about FP is that the larger, irregular orange flakes and small blue glitter give it a subtle texture and dimension that separate it from a straight wine or burgundy jelly or cream. 

 Frank Black said it much more succinctly. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reverse French with CG in the City and Black

Here is a reverse french manicure with China Glaze CG in the city and Sinful Colors Black on Black. I've practiced the reverse french for ages now, and I think I'm finally able to do it neatly enough that the end result doesn't look as though I put on a blindfold and then applied the second color with a butter knife. Yay! 

Below: CG in the City by itself. This is a really pretty polish. I'm not a huge glitter fan, but I like this one. It is a bit gritty looking, almost like really pretty, sparkly sand-- it's pretty but it's also interesting and textured. Application was fine; it needed three coats for opacity. Removal was slightly easier than I usually experience with glitters, maybe because the pieces were so small. Nice job, China Glaze! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanks, Mom!

My mom came to visit last weekend. We spent the day in the city: had lunch, went for a walk in Central Park, and sat and had coffee. Later, we were walking by a cosmetics store, and it pulled me in with its tractor beam. My mom, half amused, half annoyed, searched for an eyebrow pencil. I got a little dazed staring at the China Glaze display. I was holding two bottles, unable to decide which one I wanted. My mom grabbed them both out my hands and bought them for me. It was very sweet of her to indulge my habit. :) Thanks, mom! <3 

China Glaze Light as Air and Jetstream.

Monday, November 7, 2011

China Glaze Holly-Day

This is Holly-Day from China Glaze Let It Snow collection. This is a medium-dark green two-coater cream with a nice formula. It went on a little darker than I expected, and I was a little disappointed with that, but on the other hand, this shade doesn't look so much like a Christmas color that it can't be worn at other times, and that's a bonus. I wore it last weekend and it just looked like a pretty green for fall. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Black and Beige Swirly Konad

For this swirly manicure, I used American Apparel California Trooper for the base, and OPI Black Onyx with stamping plate (Mash) M63. Please excuse the lovely chip on my middle finger-- I photographed this manicure the day after I applied it-- not sure what happened in the interim, but from the size of that missing chunk, it looks like it involved a cement mixer and some sandpaper. 


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