Monday, October 17, 2011

My Best Ruby Red Slippers Impression

I like Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers, but I find the price tag a little hard to justify, so I passed on it. But is so pretty. Enticingly pretty. So I was pleased when other companies started coming out with budget versions. There's Wet n' Wild Behind Closed doors, NYX Dorothy, and Essence just came out with dupes of RRS and Across the Universe. The problem? I can't find them. Any of them. I did look online, but I'd like to find at least one drug store that consistently carries Wet n' Wild limited edition polishes. In the past month, I've looked in probably thirty different drug stores and found one lonely little bottle of Jungle Fever. I did find a few remainders from old collections. I found a few from last spring's Bloom collection, and a few from last Christmas. I was looking forlornly at the dusty little cardboard display of glitters named after reindeer, and in particular, at Prancer, which is a red glitter in a clear base, when it occurred to me that I could approximate RRS. The glitter has small, round pieces and large, hexagonal pieces, which is consistent with RRS and her sisters. I walked out of that drugstore happy. 

I liked the result of this! The sunlight really fired up the red glitter polish. (I did not photoshop the bursts of light in this. I thought it was pretty impressive!) Anyway, I think it answers my question about sunlight vs. artificial light; there really is no contest. I was satisfied with this Faux Lippmann. It's not a true dupe, but it was close enough for me. 

Now, my quest for Essence's Blue Addicted begins. :) 

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