Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Argyle Nails

I think I've crossed a threshold with nail stamping. I can finally do an argyle pattern that doesn't look terrible. And more-- I can do an argyle pattern with my non-dominant hand that doesn't look terrible! I'm so pleased! I've been wanting to use this pattern since I got the plate a year ago, and I tried quite a few times, but the resulting manicures were unwearable. Seriously, it looked like I'd done my nails in the dark, with my feet instead of my hands.  

Anyway, so here is the argyle manicure. Think golf. Think socks. Think of some Scottish dude with a really old-school name. 

Background color: Barielle Aura Angora
Stamp color: Essie Little Brown Dress
Stamp: Konad M60
Topcoat: Seche Vite


  1. I love argyle, it's one of my favorite prints, and luckily there are plenty of cozy argyle sweaters around for fall! Love this, it's too awesome!

  2. Thank you!! I agree about fall and argyle. Definitely. :)


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