Saturday, September 24, 2011

Galaxy Nails!

This manicure was epic, but totally worth the effort. I've been trying to do a successful space manicure for a while and failed until now! While I can certainly improve, I'm very pleased with this result. I was inspired to try again after seeing Rebecca's galaxy manicure.  I also saw this awesome photo, from which I borrowed heavily. I also googled "galaxy stars" and used the images to get some other ideas. Some of the photos I especially liked were these newborn stars, this galaxy, and this star formation. I'm going to to keep working on this manicure, but I'm pleased with my progress :) 

What I Did and What I Used

Techniques: Painting, sponging, dotting, cleanup with acetone and a narrow paintbrush

Background color: OPI Black Onyx
Accent colors: Orly Star of Bombay, Orly Royal Velvet, Wet n' Wild: Sunny Side, Candy Corn, and French White Creme, Sinful Colors Full Moon, NYC Taxi Yellow Creme. 
Top Coat: Seche Vite

1. I applied a black manicure.
2. I sponged on some on the SC Full Moon (gray-black with very subtle charcoal glitter) leaving some of the nail black. 
3. I sponged on the WnW White (click the link above and follow Rebecca's tips on this-- I found them really helpful). Don't overdo the white; you can always add more. 
4. I sponged on a little of each the two Orly colors. I used very little and mostly to deepen the black and the soften the white. 
5. I lightly sponged on NYC Taxi Yellow, then just a tiny bit of the WnW Sunny Side (orange) and even less of the Candy Corn (orange-red). 
6. I used the dotting tools to create stars. For this, I used mostly white, slightly less yellow, and a few orange. I tried to keep the dots very small and of various sizes. 

Next time I think I'll add some planets! :D


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