Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finger Paints Gallery Glam

First, please excuse my gorgeously dry cuticles. I'm using the photos anyway because the polish color came out nicely, which is sometimes a difficult thing to capture with almost-black colors. Gallery Glam is another Finger Paints polish with a great formula. It needs two coats for opacity. The color is a dark navy blue with a super-glossy finish-- it's so glossy it's reflective. I was not wearing a topcoat in the photos, and the gloss is so strong that the finish looks satiny. I have Orly Star of Bombay, which is very similar to this and also has an excellent formula, but the gloss on Gallery Glam is amazing. 

One general note about Finger Paints: I find that I am often underwhelmed by the colors, but their formulas are consistently good. 

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