Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Splatter for KTisaQT!

So, a few weeks ago, I used stamping plates to do a "splatter" manicure. One of my readers requested that I do a splatter without stamping plates, so here it is! :D It wasn't nearly as messy as I thought it would be! 

I only did two fingers here because I wasn't crazy about the colors-- I was more interested in getting the technique down (It's funny to think that there is a "technique" to flinging paint at your fingernails).  I'm going to do a full splatter manicure and I can offer a kind of mini-tutorial, if that would be helpful to people. It's really not as hard as I thought! 

I used inexpensive polishes across the board here, mainly because I wasn't sure how much product I was going to go through to figure it out, and I wanted to use easily replaceable stuff. I was happy to discover that I did not use an exorbitant amount of polish-- far less than, say, a water marble. The base color is Sinful Colors Feeling Great. FG is a bright, almost neon raspberry creme. It is a two coater (almost a one-coater). Good formula. It's one of my current favorites. Who knew-- last summer it was all about turquoise, and now I can't seem to get enough of the fuchsia family. Anyway, the splatter colors are NYC Taxi (yellow), Wet n' Wild Sunny Side (orange), and Sinful Colors Black on Black. Top coat is Seche Vite. 


  1. LOL! This is awesome!! :) I loveeeee the colours together!! I really want to try this out! Thank you for doing this!! :)

  2. Very cute! I would love to try this myself now, and I love the colors you used (:

  3. hi i came across your blog as i'm looking for a way to do jackson pollock style nails, did you ever do this tuturial? your nails look amazing!

  4. Hi Chef Chipmunk! Thanks for the props! I never did a full-blown tutorial, but I did another splatter and I write down some directions based on what I did. Here's a link:


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