Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hanna Pinktana Crackle

Nope, I'm not sick of crackles yet. This is China Glaze Black Mesh over Wet n' Wild Hanna Pinktana. I usually keep away from the dark colors during the summer, but as you can see from the light in the photo, it was a grey day, and so I didn't mind adding a little dark color. I've had Black Mesh since last winter, and I've noticed that is is aging exactly the way matte polishes do. It is drying and caking quickly. I revived my crackle with polish thinner (I use Orly), which turned it from black paste back to usable nail polish again very quickly.

* Tip: don't use nail polish remover as polish thinner. They are not interchangeable. Also note that you will not use a lot of polish thinner to restore your nail polish, so a bottle will last you a while. Point of reference: I used ten or fewer drops for the one bottle of crackle (I wasn't counting, but I know it wasn't more than that). 

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