Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Reunion Manicures :)

I went to the family reunion, brought my supplies and gave manicures to anyone who wanted one. They  picked their own designs and colors and I applied them. Of course, I took pics! 

Below: Lena's Dice Manicure: These teeny fingers belong to my little cousin, Lena. The design and the non-toxic nail polish is by Klutz-Proof. By the way, it's a great product for little kids. It peels off easily and has a book of cute designs. 

These other teeny, tiny fingers belong to Lena's sister, Violet. This is Violet's dots manicure. 

Lena's Yin-Yang Manicure: again, the design and the polish are by Klutz-Proof. 

And this is Violet's matching Yin-Yang manicure!

And here they are together! :)

Lily's Lava Manicure: Lily wanted to try crackle polish, so I brought her China Glaze's Black Mesh, which she wore over China glaze Ruby Deer. Top coat is Seche Vite.

Christina's Manicure: Christina's nails were a little torn up from acrylic nails, so I didn't do any shaping or anything but add polish. Base coat is Seche Rebuild. The pink is Sinful Colors Feeling Great. I used dotting tools to add dots of Sinful Colors Black on Black, Snow Me White, and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. Topcoat is Seche Vite. 

Liv's Manicure: This one was so simple. Just three coats of Claire's Bedazzled. I thought it was cute with her ring. 

Aunt Angel's manicure: OPI Sparrow Me the Drama for the background. I stamped a butterfly with Sinful Colors Feeling Great, and a paint splotch with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. 


  1. I like Christinas the best. I'm in love with that now ring your Aunt Angel has an Lilys owl ring.

  2. Thanks! I know, the rings are cute. Makes me want to go shopping :)


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