Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blue Splatter or the Epic Stinkin' Mess

First: props to Jackson Pollock for splatter being his go-to technique. Words cannot express how unprepared I was for the epic that was this manicure. My first effort, which I posted the other day, was cake compared to this. The tricky thing about splatter manis is that you have to be fast. The first reason is that the nail polish gets thicker the longer it is exposed to the air, and therefore, becomes more difficult to fling at your hands. The second reason is that even in a well-ventilated room the fumes of the nail polish become over-powering. I started to get sick to my stomach doing this mani. I switched over to watercolors at the end because I couldn't stand the fumes. I have some more tinkering to do before I feel I've found a quick, reliable method of doing this. 

Note about the polishes: I used three H&M polishes. For the splatter I used White and Blue. For the base I used Dazzling Jade. I bought White and Blue as part of Spring Nails, a set of four (white, blue, tan, and brown). I'd never used H&M polishes before, and I was very happy with them. Dazzling Jade is a beautiful teal creme. The great thing about H&M is that they do not test on animals!!! I am always so happy when I find another company whose polish I can buy :) 

On to the splatter! As you can see, I taped my fingers to make clean-up a little easier. Here is a photo of the mess!

Here is the finished manicure:


I added this last photo even though the light and focus are not great, because I wanted to show the difference between using nail polish and using watercolors. My four fingers are done entirely in nail polish. The basecolor on my thumb is nail polish, but the blue and white splatter is watercolor (tubes, not cakes). I switched over because the fumes from the polish were too much for me to take. 
Advantage water color: 1. you can rinse the paint off of your hands easily, so if you aren't happy with one effort, you can try again until you are. 2. cleanup is easy. 3. no fumes. 
Advantage nail polish: 1. the polish splatters more than water colors (which sort of mists rather than splatters). 2. Chemical safety? I was unable to find out if it was safe or not to use watercolors and nail polish together, so I just did it anyway and hoped that nothing horrible or disfiguring would happen. It didn't in this instance. The advantage to using nail polish is that it is a known quantity. 


  1. did you do it by flinging the polish at the nail, or did you use a straw ? xx

  2. I tried it bunch of different ways. I found flinging it to be least effective for me. I started off blowing through the end of a ball point pen (same idea as a straw), and then tried a bobby pin dipped in polish and blowing through it like a bubble blowing wand. This method worked reasonably well, but I don't recommend it-- the fumes were unbearable. I am going to try a few more ways to see if I can find a way that is faster and more consistent.

  3. This looks soo cool! I love all the blues together!!


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