Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OPI Shim-merry Chic. Yes, In the Summer

So, I was teaching class last week, and I noticed that my TA was wearing an awesome molten bronze nail polish. I saw the large orange-red flakes, and I knew that it was Shim-Merry Chic (which she later confirmed), a polish that I had, after much deliberation, passed on. I thought it was a gold with flakes, not a bronze. I mean, not copper, not gold, but bronze. That is cool. 

So, why wear this color in July, you might be asking. I can see how this fits into the Christmas color schema, but I also think this it is a great mid-to-late summer and fall color. It's a beautiful burnished bronze with a liquid quality. It has orange-red flakes and tiny teal glitter. I admit that the description sounds horrible. Almost nauseating, really. Just a terrible, terrible color combination. BUT the end result is gorgeous. 

Application: This polish itself has a nice, thin (but not too thin) consistency. It is a little tricky because of the large flakes, which don't always lie flat on the nail and require a little manipulation. The flakes also have a somewhat lumpy effect under more than layer of polish. A topcoat helped to mask this, but this polish is a bit of a topcoat eater, even with Seche Vite.In this end though, the applications problems are minor, workable, and totally worth it. This is a gorgeous and unique polish. 

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