Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meg's Manicure

So, I gave my friend, Meg, a manicure in honor of her man returning after some extensive travel (not that I needed an occasion; honestly, a traffic light changing is enough of a reason for me to give my friends manicures). Anyway, she brought a nail polish with her that she is currently in love with, so we used that as the base. It's a pretty seafoam green from Urban Outfitters; this is the polish-- unfortunately, I don't have the name. She chose the large heart stamp from Mash plate 46 and the small heart from Bundle Monster plate 17. We wanted to use a pastel pink (in this color family ) for the heart, but the pinks I have weren't opaque enough for stamping. We used Orly Razzle, which we ended up liking. Razzle is a raspberry colored polish that is shot with tiny silver glitter (almost a shimmer). The shimmer transferred nicely, and so instead of a creme background with a creme stamp, it wound up being a creme background with a shimmer-sparkle stamp. Pretty! 

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