Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Melted Ice Cream Water Marble

I'd never used Revlon polish before this spring (I was slightly put off by the bottle, which I thought was kind of dated and unattractive, and by the price point, which I thought was a little high for a drug store brand), but they have been coming out with some great colors, especially the pastels. I have found that the top-speed Revlons dry at about the rate of average nail polish, and the regular Revlons seem to take an inconveniently long time. For this manicure, I used two Revlons: Lilac Pastelle (a non-quick-dry), and Jaded (a quick-dry), and Essie's Little Brown Dress. LBD, by the way, is a gorgeous glossy dark brown -- like coffee beans. Love it. It's great on it's own, especially as a fall color. 

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