Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blue Water Marble

Anything I understand about water marbling I owe to Colette's awesome tutorials and also the tutorials at ilovemylongnails. I do not yet have their ability to reproduce the same pattern on each of my nails, but I will say that there is something I like about the randomness of each nail pattern being a little (or in the case of this manicure, a lot) different from the others. Note: I included the photo of my right hand even though it is a little out of focus-- I was having trouble working the camera with my left hand. For this manicure, I used: Orly Star of Bombay, Sally Hansen Celeb City*, and Wet n Wild Rain Check.
*I've been phasing out nail polishes that test on animals, mostly by not buying new polishes from companies that do.

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